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  • What is the Best Grow Tent for Autoflowers - When I was searching for the best tent to grow autoflowers, I wasn’t sure of how high of a tent I would need. After doing my research I decided on a 72″ tall grow tent. After hanging my lights up I am thankful I did not go for a tent that was any shorter. Design […]
  • Easily Buy Bitcoin with the Cash App by Square - There is no reason in 2020 to avoid bitcoin. If you can pay with a credit or debit card then you can pay with bitcoin just as easy. Paying with bitcoin protects me from credit card scams and protects your privacy. The Cash App by Square Up makes buying and paying with bitcoin a breeze. […]
  • Where to buy Autoflowering Seeds in the USA? - Autoflower Seeds from Seed Companies in the USA. Some seeds are photoperiod and some are autoflower so read the descriptions of course.
  • Buy Cheap Autoflower Seeds in the USA - Buying cheap autoflower seeds in the USA is not an easy endeavor. So much goes into the breeding, packaging, marketing, services and payroll that it's almost impossible to sell seeds for less than $7-10 dollars each.