Easily Buy Bitcoin with the Cash App by Square

There is no reason in 2020 to avoid bitcoin. If you can pay with a credit or debit card then you can pay with bitcoin just as easy. Paying with bitcoin protects me from credit card scams and protects your privacy.

The Cash App by Square Up makes buying and paying with bitcoin a breeze. Square is the payment portal you see so many vendors using today. Small stores and other vendors use the Square system to take payments.

You can totally trust the Cash App. It’s not complicated and you can either use your bank account or just a debit card with the app.

Watch this quick video below on how to buy bitcoin with the Cash App.


Here is another quick video on how to send bitcoin to someone.




Once you have the ability to use bitcoin your world of genetics greatly opens up. There are many breeders who only accept bitcoin as payment.

When you place your first order with Autoflower Vault using bitcoin by following these directions, let me know in your order comments and I will double your first order.

So if you have a debit card, you now have bitcoin with the Cash App. Just look for it in the iOS App or Google Play Store.

Be empowered.

Where to buy Autoflowering Seeds in the USA?

Autoflower Seeds from Seed Companies in the USA. Some seeds are photoperiod and some are autoflower so read the descriptions of course.

The Autoflower Vault is not affiliated with any of these companies so thoroughly vet them before making a purchase.

If you know of a seed company that belongs in this list then hit me up on the contact page.

Buy Cheap Autoflower Seeds in the USA

Buying cheap autoflower seeds in the USA is not an easy endeavor. So much goes into the breeding, packaging, marketing, services and payroll that it’s almost impossible to sell seeds for less than $7-10 dollars each.

When you add in extra seeds and freebies, a seed company has to make a profit.

At the same time, it’s good to be wary of breeders who don’t add extra seeds, freebies or respond to emails about their order or product.

Here at the Autoflower Vault, we love adding in extra seeds and freebies in your order. Why? Because it’s freakin’ fun. We want you to get your package in the mail and feel like someone really appreciated your order.

We also feel like we have set our prices at a very fair price point. Not cheap autoflower seeds, but definitely reasonable.

Give us a try!